How You Can Protect Yourself From Spam


Spam is unsolicited email and an online version of junk mail that you get in your regular mailbox. You can try to avoid spam by not opting into the subscriber boxes of unfamiliar websites, but, unfortunately, even this may not be enough. A friend who has you in their contact list may get a virus and the virus will scan and record your email address. After this happens, your email may get into the databases of spammers. This means that you may do your best to protect yourself, yet you will still be getting spam.

One of the best ways to avoid spam is to have several email addresses. For example, if you want to participate in online discussions and be getting promotional emails from certain companies, you may want to create a separate email for this purpose. Today you can get an email mailbox for free in a matter of seconds with a number of providers, including Gmail, Hotmail, “Yahoo”  and others.

It makes sense to do this because some of the advertisers may share your email address with their affiliates and you may start getting emails even from companies that you don’t know.