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Sport science and technology is a hot topic today as not only is it helping athletes to optimise their physical output, it’s supposedly bringing more accuracy into all kinds of sports. Technology isn’t only a part of office life, it has inched into all areas of our lives, and even into all our sport. Professional skiers have got even better features than ever to capture images and GoPro, for instance, offers a product with a 360º field of view as well as an app that lets you edit and share videos while on the go. Now motion and pressure sensors which are found in the boots of skiers can feet data to a mobile app that provides tips on how to improve your technique. Ultimately, instead of having a human coach guiding and directing, you’ve now got a digital coach.

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Every skier dreams of skiing in Switzerland, and hotel engelberg in the Engelberg ski resort is on every skier’s bucket list. The resort has huge mountains and also one of the biggest vertical drops from the top of the ski lifts down into the town. The hotel itself is considered a meeting place for people who love mountains and the sports you can enjoy with them. Skiing fanatics flock to the hotel to simply enjoy the best skiing experience possible. People have found that there is much to attract, and the huge snow falls and the short lift queues are a huge drawcard. There are choices too for skiers and you can either take the gentler slopes known as Brunni or opt for Titlis, which offer more challenging slopes. In fact, in Engelberg, the ski area is suited for all levels of skiers, even for children. A name like Galtiberg should ring a bell as it is one of the most famous ski runs in the Swiss Alps. The town of Engelberg started off as a wellness resort but soon ski lifts were built and Engelberg became a sought-after skiing destination.

Ski Better with Ski Technology

Ski Better with Ski Technology

The amazing aspect with ski technology is that it isn’t just about helping people to ski better, it is also a safety aspect. GPS linked tracking apps, for instance, are used on ski slopes by millions of skiers. They use apps like this to learn which slopes are best to use, which slopes have been shut down and they can also be used to locate missing people. It is for this very reason that resorts all over the world, and not just ski resorts, want to improve their network connectivity. This is essential when you think of how many terrible injuries skiers endure. Now olympic skiers, in practicing, can have access to virtual reality setups which actually simulated skiing down a slope. This Ski tech allows skiers to enhance performance and to be better prepared to avoid injuries. Trainers of skiers can sit and monitor an inter-connected computer and see every movement. The data is then analysed, creating a unique and individualized profile of the skier. This virtual reality training is working with skiers to train them ready for the Winter Olympics.