How to Use Technology Effectively in Your Job Search

Technology has to be one of the greatest human inventions. It has not only changed the way we communicate, but it has also provided solutions to our day-to-day problems, making life more comfortable. Suppose you are a fresh graduate and venturing into the job market. In that case, chances are that your first starting point will be the internet, where there are lots of tips on the different processes and stages of searching for a job.

From social media, online job boards, to mobile apps, job hunting has become quite easy and transparent. However, finding your dream job requires more than searching on the internet. Here are different ways you can use technology to set yourself apart from the pack.

Go mobile with your applications: There are endless mobile apps from recruitment companies and online job boards with unlimited job listings. This means that you can always apply for vacancies on the go. Have your CV ready and customize it for mobile use to download it when that need arises. Also, make sure you have a cover letter available. If, for instance, you are an accountant and want to customize your letter as per the job’s specifications, you can use a cover letter accounting template to ensure you capture every detail the employer is looking for.

Spring clean your social media platforms: It is no longer a secret; most employers are looking for social media savvy employees, given the role these platforms play in marketing and churning out information on official or social matters, about an organization. The first thing most employers will do is check out your social media pages to get more information about you. Get rid of any information that might ruin your chances of being hired.