Technological Advancements That Have Changed the Music Industry

The world has undoubtedly experienced some mind-boggling technological advancements in the recent past. This has dramatically changed many people’s view of their surroundings and how one interacts with other individuals. The music industry has also experienced a massive change with the adoption of technology playing a huge role, especially in music production and equipment. Read through to discover some of the ways in which technology has changed the music industry.

Digital Streaming Software

Nowadays, it is possible to listen to what we want to on the internet. Websites such as Snapmuse’s royalty free music have incorporated digital streaming software where artists upload their music. Users get to listen to the songs online.


Technology has not only changed music production but also how people consume music. Smartphones and tablets have enabled more individuals to access their favorite music and purchase concert tickets easily. People nowadays have music libraries on their phones, helping increase mass-accessibility.

Multitrack Recording

In the past, musicians and sound engineers had to record a track as a whole without breaks. However, technology has made it possible for people in the music industry to record sections of a song and piece them together into one track. One can also add some layers of a single instrument and tweak some parts of the song.


During vocal recordings, the artist’s note may be slightly off-pitch, and thanks to the auto-tune, the faulty pitch can be tweaked to the nearest semitone. This is why artists such as T-Pain and Kanye West can maintain perfect pitch each time they perform.

Digital Recording Software

This is arguably one of the most significant technological advancements in the music industry. Digital recording software allows artists to write, record, and produce their music even in their bedroom’s comfort. Some software has a wide range of tools, plugins, and effects that improve music quality. All you need to do is download the software either on your phone or computer, and you are ready to record your first hit.

New Genres

New music genres have emerged, thanks to technology. Music genres such as Electronica, K-Pop, and House rely on electronic devices to create songs and sound, which may not be possible with traditional instruments. Technology has also helped DJs produce mixes and create a new variety of music tracks.